Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Collection: The goal of this collection is to get leaves off the street to minimize disruption of parking, including fires caused by cars parking of leaf piles, to minimize the amount of leaves washing into catch basins, to minimize leaves blocking catch basin grates, and to provide a clean street before winter maintenance operation begin.

Each fall, the DPW picks up leaves from Kearny streets using a variety of equipment. Initially, the street sweepers collect leaves but as the fall progresses and the leaf fall increases additional equipment is utilized. “Pushers” are mounted on the street sweepers and make piles of leaves along the sweeping route. Leaves are taken to the Kearny Municipal Compost Site in South Kearny for processing into leaf mulch.

We ask all property owners to observe the following guidelines so that the DPW can serve you better with the leaf collection program:

  • Leaves raked into the street should be piled loosely and not pushed too far into the roadway
  • Brush, grass clippings and other yard debris are not to be mixed with leaves
  • Do not park motor vehicles on leaf piles as a fire could start when dry leaves touch hot mufflers.


Important Topics

Leaf Bags

Leaves are also collected in biodegradable, paper leaf bags. During the fall leaf bags are collected weekly on recycling days. The program generally runs from late October until the middle of December. Leaf bags can be purchased at the DPW Office, 357 Bergen Ave.

Spring Leaf Collection

Leaves are collected in the spring in paper leaf bags, usually during the month of April. During the spring, leaves are not to be raked directly into the street. Violators will be issued summonses. Other yard debris such as brush, grass, etc, should be put in garbage cans or plastic bags and set out for collection with regular household garbage.