Adopt a Tree

Trees add to the quality of life in our Town. The Town of Kearny has been recognized for its leadership in the preservation, protection and replacement of trees. The National Arbor Foundation has awarded the Town of Kearny the "Tree City USA" distinction for the past 25 years and that achievement will continue with your support and assistance. In an effort to increase our tree replacement rate we have initiated an "Adopt-A-Tree" program. Individuals, group, and businesses can participate in the program by completing the "Adopt-A-Tree" application to donate a tree of their choice to be planted within the community or make a cash donation to the program fund.

Important Topics

Adopt A Tree Sponsors

  • Thomas D. McKeon, Esq  
  • Angela C. Femino, Esq
  • Ralph Y. Brown
  • Ronald & Georgiann Hook
  • William & Jill Waller
  • Robert Stralkus
  • Michael McCurrie
  • Debra A. Byrnes & James W. Byrnes
  • L.J. Kennedy Trucking Co.
  • Mary Torres
  • JACJON Associates
  • Ms. Deborah A. Albury

Number of trees donated by sponsor

General Information

  • Objectives:
    • To improve the environment and quality of life in town. Trees combat pollutants, temper our climate via their evaporative powers, provide shade and protection (which helps reduce our utility bills), muffle noise, hide ugliness, combat erosion, deflect wind, offer homes for wildlife, produce food, are esthetically pleasing and beautify our surroundings.
    • To supplement and accelerate planting and replacement of Town owned trees which have expired for a variety of reasons including age, disease, accidents, and natural disasters.
    • Target A: Residential Areas where feasible, between curb and sidewalk
    • Target B: Public properties, non-residential areas.
    • To promote care of trees by the donor / sponsor in early years, following the suggestions on the “Care” sheet which will be distributed with the planting of trees.
  • Method:
    • Cash donations to the Town for tree acquisition and planting are considered a tax deductible gift. (This has been verified by the Town Auditor, Samuel Klein & Company)
    • All tree are to be purchased and planted by the Town or its authorized agents.
      • Planting will be conducted under the supervision of the Department of Public Works.
      • All trees become the property of the Town.
    • Donors may select the species of tree upon consultation with the Department of Public Works from their recommended list.
    • Trees will be planted in some locations where trees have died and have been removed by the Town. Donors may specify the planting of Town owned trees on their properties in consultation with the DPW.
    • Donors may make an unspecified location donation on other than their own property.
    • Plaques in Honor of or in memory of can be added to trees planted in park locations.